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About US

To expand the portfolio of branches of study and study programmes so as to gradually create unique background for high quality education of young artists and managers.
To educate and develop talented artists and managers so that they can find a unique job.
To prepare graduates who will definitely stack up against the competition. To educate the general public.


The Company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Entry No. 77822.

Literární akademie

Literary Academy

The Literary Academy is one of the oldest private colleges in the Czech Republic and the only college of art focusing on the media and literature.
Applicants can choose between two accredited bachelor’s branches of study and four follow-up master’s branches of study in Literary Creation and Media Creation.
Literary Creation is taught also in a part-time course.
Literární akademie

Institute of Health and Social Services

The Health and Social Services Institute is a research and educational organisation which was established in reaction to the labour market’s growing demand for multidisciplinary experts for the sector of services in the health care system, for social work, for managerial positions in insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, and for managerial positions in health and social institutions.
In addition to its scientific work, the Institute is preparing a new branch of study – Health and Social Services Economics and Management.



7. 1. 2015

Literární akademie

Dear students, we would like to remind you that we offer you to begin studies, already from February. More information on our website.

26. 11. 2014

Literární akademie

On 20th of November 2014, there has been held annual graduation of International ART CAMPUS Prague in Betlémská chapel. We would like to express honest gratitude to those who joined us in this special moment, not only in the lives of our graduates

25. 11. 2014

Literární akademie

We would like express honest thank you to all participants of the “Polistopadové cesty” conference, which was held to pay respect to the events in Czech Republic 25 years ago. Conference was held during 12.–13. November 2014 in the building of IACP.

7. 7. 2014

Literární akademie

On Saturday 5th July 2014 Česká televize introduced a document “Hledání Janáčka”. The movie was directed in 2004 by Mgr. Petr Kanka, rector of Literal Academy, and was awarded at the international television festival Golden Prague (Zlatá Praha).

18. 5. 2014

Literární akademie

Festival of young artists “Květy z LA 2014″ started.


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